What Are the Benefits of Custom Guitars?

“Why choose custom guitars and what are its benefits?” This is a question that is asked by many people. It can be regarded to be a fair question, taking into consideration the presence of high quality, inexpensive instruments in the market. There are cited to be several benefits derived from purchasing custom guitars.
Understanding the Different Benefits

  •  The first benefit can be termed to be that the potential customer tends to receive a guitar, which is not only customized to meet his specific requirements and expectations in every possible manner but also is unique in its appearance. Through the customized guitar, it becomes easier for the user to express his personality in an aesthetic manner and can have tonewoods included in the guitar, which naturally is not found in those factory created instruments, as well as ‘customized’ factory instruments. Besides this, the playability and tone of the customized guitar can be customized fully.
    The neck widths, thickness, tapers, scale lengths, and profile could be customized towards meeting the needs of the player. The tone could be shaped not just by selecting the right body style or size including tonewoods, but also by trying to control the soundboard thickness and backs, selecting the appropriate bridge. Also, it is possible to have the brace carving and pattern to be customized. Hence, it can be stated that the customized guitar like Paul Reed Smith custom 24that is hand-built can be limited only by the knowledge and imagination of the user.
  • The other benefit derived by considering the custom-built guitar is that each wood piece is uniquely similar to that of every customer and his requirements. It effectively means that every wood piece needs to get evaluated and then selected properly so as to suit the specific requirements of the customer. Moreover, every wood piece is to be handled in a different manner, with regards to bracing and thickness.
  •  There are varieties of properties noticed in wood with respect to weight and stiffness, not just within the similar species, but also when selecting from the same tree. When wood gets ‘graded’ by its appearance within the factory setting, this evaluation level would not be possible on a big scale. It can be performed only on a custom scale, which ensures that every piece of this instrument is able to meet the individual customer’s tonal expectations.
  •  The third benefit derived from the customized guitar can be termed that the custom makers tend to include their forward-thinking features within the guitars, which is practically not feasible for any big organization to incorporate the same. There are several features to enhance the guitar quality like carbon fiber, armrests, and sound ports, adjustable necks, wedges, etc. are expensive towards justifying when trying to tool up the assembly line. The huge scale manufacturing although has the benefit of economy of scale, smaller ones have the benefit of having immense flexibility towards innovating to meet the satisfaction of the customers.
    It is for these reasons that guitar lovers prefer to purchase and make use of customized instruments, something that makes them different from the others.
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