April 11, 2024
How to Fill a Tall Planter

How to Fill a Tall Planter?

If we want to freshen up space or close the voids in the room, then floor flower planters are an excellent choice. Most often, these types are very large; they can be square, round, tall or short. The assortment of colors, materials, and designs is very large, but you are looking for a solution specifically for your interior or exterior. You can buy tall planters online because shipping such a heavy product would be the best solution.

These pots can have strong and durable materials so you can take the plant home during the cold season. The only problem is the expensive price of such a project because a large pot requires a lot of soil for the plant. Find out the characteristics and preferences of your green friend and study his root system. Tall planters are quite stable, especially with filled soil. But many people choose to lighten the severity a bit and dilute the soil with additional fillers.

A Few Steps to Fill a Tall Pot

Tall flower planters look very aesthetically pleasing and stylish, but many growers have problems filling them with soil. It shouldn’t seem to you that it is very difficult. There are a few simple steps that will make this process easier.

  1. Any pot should have a drainage hole, but there are models without it. Make this hole yourself. Consider the material characteristics when using certain tools. It is important that the hole is not chipped.
  2. To save on potting soil and make the planter a little lighter, you need to add a little litter down the bottom. This can be foam, plastic bottles, packages of peanuts, peat, cones, leaves, and more. You can also take cans of soda and squeeze them, if using plastic types, do not remove the lids.
  3. If you have added filler then you will need to separate it from the base soil in the pot. You can use a landscape fabric, or use newspaper or gauze for the barrier.
  4. Now you need to plant your plant, gradually adding soil. Some growers add fertilizer right after the filler. If you are not using fertilizers, then add soil with the plant. It is important to leave some space at the top so that it is more convenient for you to water and care for the plant.
  5. Tall planters are also used to grow multiple plants, for example of different heights. To do this, you need to land them at different depths. The tallest will be behind and the shortest in front. It is important to choose types with the same preferences for light and watering.
  6. After planting the plants, you need to water them. Add water with a small pressure around the entire planter. When water begins to pour out from the bottom, then watering must be stopped.

Features of Large Flower Pots

You can buy flower planters from the store or add unique décor to simple items. Take simple barrels or buckets and add some bright elements: paints, colorful ropes, shards of bottles or ceramic tiles. Tall outdoor flower pots are made of weather-resistant and durable materials, some are very heavy, others are made of more modern types. The most popular lightweight materials for growing plants outdoors or in the garden are Fiberstone or Fiberglass. The strength level is high and any large size together with the soil will not be very heavy.

Also, flower growers prefer convenience – unique self-watering planters. This is useful if you live in an arid region and need to leave your garden without regular watering. Any material will look very nice and stylish. Especially for outdoor areas, these are natural types: rattan, bamboo or simple burlap. You can combine sizes and shapes to create unique floral arrangements. Also, some large tall flower pots can be quite lightweight so you can move the container along with the soil and plant.

The article was prepared by Rose – the author of the online store for flower planters GetPotted.com